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Here are testimonials from people healing from Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Pouchitis by changing their diet.

Multiple SCD Success Stories for Crohn’s and UC  – SCD Lifestyle – There are about 20 stories – Please be sure to click “Previous Entries” to make sure you don’t miss any success stories.

Danielle Walker healed from UC with a Paleo Diet

Jaime Hartman uses SCD and Paleo Auto Immune Protocol for her Crohn’s – after 7 surgeries on her small intestine

Laura Scaviola maintains remission of UC with Paleo Diet

Several stories of healing with diet/SCD

Lindsey in remission from UC on Paleo Diet

Several Podcasts of Healing on GAPs Diet – GAPs Diet Journey

Miles Miller healed from Pouchitis – He had UC and had his colon removed and has a J Pouch which also developed UC

Several testimonials on Wheat Belly blog

Jess Fisk 3 year remission from UC using diet

Lauren Geertsen maintains remission from UC with GAPS, SCD, Paleo and lifestyle

James Waller healing Crohns with Paleo

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