My Dream!

healthy 5My Dream is that doctors of the future WILL offer food as medicine in addition to pharmaceutical options.  My Dream is that charitable foundations will fund research using food as medicine such as The Wahls Foundation is doing with MS research.  My Dream is that ALL doctors will receive significant training on nutrition including “newer” nutritional philosophies excluding all grains and sugars and high inflammatory vegetable oils.   There is significant research available on using food as medicine and I would like to see the CCFA funding this type of research as well.

My Dream is that patients will feel EMPOWERED with options such as diet and lifestyle (and pharmaceuticals as an “option” – NOT mandatory).  Patients will feel empowered with information to heal themselves.

My Dream is that doctors will start treating the cause instead of the symptoms.  My Dream is that doctors will help us HEAL from our disease instead of just “suppressing” our disease with immune suppressors and anti inflammatory drugs that have a huge list of side effects – many times worse than the disease itself.

My Dream is that CCFA will fund long term studies which include the effects of diet and lifestyle.  I am currently participating in a CCFA long term study which does not allow me to input any diet or lifestyle treatments.  It is only tracking my drug treatments and I have not taken any drugs for 15 months.  Patients should be asked if they have used alternative therapies or diet to induce and maintain remission.  Unfortunately, this is not included in the study.

My dream is that CCFA will provide information on their website about the SCD diet, GAPs diet, Paleo/Ancestral diets and Weston A Price diets including testimonials from Crohn’s and Colitis patients.  There are people HEALING from Crohn’s and Colitis by making diet and lifestyle changes!   Even if 100% healing does not occur, this is often better than what drugs are able to provide.  I have talked to countless Crohn’s and Colitis patients taking medications that just DON’T WORK.   Patients end up having multiple surgeries, taking multiple drugs/painkillers, missing work for long periods of time, etc without any doctors advising them on natural ways of healing.  Many people with Crohn’s and Colitis suffer daily EVEN with drug treatments.  Often, the drugs and surgeries just don’t work and cause even more problems!  Then more drugs are used and stronger drugs and more surgeries then more side effects, etc etc etc.  This must stop.   Let’s educate and empower Crohn’s and Colitis patients with holistic healing options and testimonials.  If we can improve our quality of life significantly without drugs (or using minimal drugs), I believe we will change the world!   Join me on this path to natural and holistic healing.

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