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Recommended Diets

Healthy 9I highly recommend each of these diets and using the information from each diet to heal your specific condition/issues. Each diet must be customized based on your food allergies/sensitivities and specific healing protocols needed based on health history, etc

GAPS Diet – Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (by Dr Natasha McBride MD – heals all digestive disorders) – Excellent information on healing our gut – As an added bonus, you will heal mental disease as well.  Your gut has a huge impact on mental health too!  🙂

SCD Diet – Specific Carbohydrate Diet (developed in the 50s to help heal digestive disorders) – Many people have shared healing stories online after starting the SCD diet.  Some people switch to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol diet if SCD does not provide complete recovery.  Many options to heal.  You will have to find your path to healing but the tools ARE available.

Paleo Diet – Paleolithic Diet or Ancestral Diet – many books based on eating what our ancestors ate to heal digestive and other disorders, increase energy, increase fertility and so much more

Paleo Diet Autoimmune Protocol – Sometimes referred to in blogs at Paleo AIP.   Many people with Crohns and Colitis have had tremendous success with this version of Paleo including me.  🙂

Body Ecology Diet – Diet written to heal candida and all digestive disorders  – heavy focus on fermented foods which are SO important to everyone’s health

Weston A Price Foundation – Diet based on studying the healthiest populations in the world in the 1920s. Excellent information.

Just commit to ONE month with one of these healing protocols.  You will be glad you did!!!!

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor.  Please consult with your doctor before making any diet and lifestyle changes or changing any medications.  I highly recommend working with functional medicine doctors that incorporate diet and lifestyle changes into their healing protocol.

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Resources – YouTube, ITunes, Podcasts

Other Resources (YouTube, ITunes, Podcasts, etc)

Search on You Tube and ITunes/Podcasts for more info on gut healing, digestive disorders, ulcerative colitis

I have listened to hundreds of podcasts about ulcerative colitis, paleo diet, SCD diet, GAPs diet, leaky gut, digestive disorders, gut dysbiosis and so much more.

  • Paleo Diet
  • Underground Wellness – Sean Croxton – Lots of great podcasts
  • Chris Kresser – lots of great podcasts
  • Sally Fallon – you tube (The Oiling of America, etc)
  • Natasha McBride – you tube on gaps diets
  • Robb Wolf – listen to him on Dr Amy Myers podcast
  • Dr Amy Myers – Functional Medicine Doctor

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Resources – Blogs/References – Lauren uses GAPs, Paleo (Autoimmune Protocol) , SCD to manage her Ulcerative Colitis – Danielle uses SCD/Paleo to manage her Ulcerative Colitis – SCD Website – Diet developed in the 1950s to improve intestinal health and heal Ulcerative Colitis and other diseases – Robb used the Paleo diet to cure/heal his Ulcerative Colitis – also an author of The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet – Jaime used SCD and Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to heal from Crohn’s disease – Jason and Jordan healed their digestive diseases with the SCD Diet. – Website for information on the GAPS diet ( – Excellent holistic health info.  Chris healed his own gut disorder with healthy living/lifestyle.   – Great website on Paleo and Autoimmune Disease and how to heal a leaky gut – Great resource for healthy eating and to disprove all the standard American diet myths like “whole grains are good, cholesterol is bad, butter is bad, saturated fat is bad, etc” – Eileen is using GAPs and Paleo to heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Other great websites (Paleo lifestyle) (Paleo lifestyle for a family) (Paleo info)

and soooooooo many more………

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Resources – Books

Breaking the Vicious Cycle (Author Elaine Gottschall wrote the book after healing her daughter’s Ulcerative Colitis) – SCD Diet Book –

The Paleo Diet – The Original Human Diet (Author Robb Wolf has Ulcerative Colitis – healed through diet/lifestyle)

The Paleo Diet  Loren Cordain Ph.D

Against all Grain (Author Danielle Walker has Ulcerative Colitis – healed through diet)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Author Dr Natasha McBride used diet to heal her son’s autism and found that all disease begins in the gut – Heal the gut and Heal your life – Many people with autoimmune conditions have healed themselves with the principles in this book  – Based on SCD Diet)

The Paleo Approach – Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body (Author Sarah Ballantyne healed from several autoimmune diseases with diet)

Your Personal Paleo Code (Author Chris Kresser – How to customize Paleo Diet for YOU)

Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon) – Ancestral Cookbook – Discussed in many blogs

Wheat Belly  (Written by a cardiologist how wheat/grains cause heart disease, Diabetes Type 2 and other health problems)

Grain Brain  (Written by a neurologist about how grains cause alzheimers and other neurological diseases)

The Wahls Protocol – Written by Dr Terry Wahls after she healed from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (also autoimmune disease)

SOOOOO Many more excellent books are available on healing autoimmune and other diseases through diet – Many Many excellent books on Paleo diet.

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