Greetings!  My name is Alisa and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in 2007.  I have struggled with UC for the last 6+ years.   When I was diagnosed with UC, I was told by my gastroenterologist “There is no cure”  “You need to take drugs the rest of your life”  “Diet doesn’t matter”  “Try this drug”  “If this drug doesn’t work, we can try stronger drugs”  “If that drug doesn’t work, there are even stronger drugs” etc.  Since my diagnosis, I have seen 5 leading gastroenterologists in Southern California – all with the same message of “Diet doesn’t matter”.

At the time of my diagnosis, I researched alternative treatments online and started taking huge amounts of prescription probiotics (VSL #3 – 4 packets a day) as well as huge amounts of fish oil and soluble fiber, etc.   I never saw any significant changes so I continued with my drugs daily and everyday my body got weaker and more tired.

I have been involved with the CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America) since I got diagnosed.  In addition, I went to multiple seminars sponsored by CCFA with health experts in the digestive medical community.  I wanted to know everything about this disease.  There were hundreds of people at these seminars starving for good information on how to heal instead of just learning about more DRUGS to suppress our symptoms!  There was very limited discussion about diets and holistic treatments.  No one ever mentioned Paleo/Ancestral diets, SCD diet, eliminating grains, eliminating sugar or adding fermented whole foods to my diet.  I never heard any testimonials from Crohn’s or Colitis patients that had healed themselves with whole foods.  Why not?  I am now finding many blogs and hearing stories about patients healing with whole foods.  Why don’t we see testimonials on the CCFA website of holistic cures and success stories without drugs?  We need to seek out these stories and share them with each other and encourage each other to heal from our chronic diseases using food as medicine.  If you have a holistic story of healing to share, please send it to me!  I will include in the Success Stories.

Over a year ago, I decided that I would try changing my diet to see if that would help me heal.   I started by giving up gluten, then dairy, then processed foods, then meat, then soy, then eggs, then sugar, then nuts, etc etc.  Guess what?  Nothing worked but I kept trying and researching!  I worked with two acupuncturists and their treatments/herbs didn’t work either so I continued searching the internet, listening to a few podcasts and one day I stumbled on a podcast about the Paleo diet.  I thought the Paleo diet was for weight loss and sports performance and I didn’t need to lose weight and I certainly didn’t have the energy to work out intensively.  I listened to Robb Wolf (popular author and thought leader in the Paleo community) and discovered that he healed his Ulcerative Colitis using the Paleo diet.   In addition, l learned that eating a Paleo/Ancestral type diet was helping people all over the world heal from many chronic diseases including all Autoimmune Conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and so much more.   I started the Paleo Diet that day.  I gave up ALL grains – including rice, oats and quinoa as well as legumes/beans.  I started feeling better and having more energy.

I continued my research of using food as medicine which included SCD, GAPs, Body Ecology and Weston A Price diets and discovered that one of the most important ways to heal your digestive system is fermented foods and LOTS of them!!!  Our bodies are starved for whole food probiotics.  Probiotic pills and powders are NOT enough.  Many pills and powders don’t get past your stomach.  We need multiple types of whole food probiotics to ensure we are getting the maximum amount of probiotics and ensure the probiotics are reaching our small and large intestines where they are needed the most.   And we MUST starve out the “bad” bacteria in our guts by not eating grains and sugar.   Grains and pasteurized dairy turns into sugar in our guts and feed the “bad” bacteria and both are difficult to digest!  In addition, drinking bone broth is essential to healing a damaged digestive system.  As much as possible, we need to be drinking bone broth (or soups) everyday while we are healing.  We need all these healing amino acids.

I am excited to share this message of healing.   We can heal without drugs!!!  We can use food as medicine!!  I wish I had known this information years ago when I was diagnosed!  I have listened to incredible stories, podcasts, and youtube videos of people healing themselves from many chronic diseases using the principles in these diets.  In this blog, I will focus primarily on Crohn’s and Colitis but the information contained in this blog can help anyone suffering from chronic disease especially autoimmune and digestive conditions.

If you would like to contact me, please use the form below.  I would love to get additional links to blogs highlighting Crohn’s and Colitis patients that have healed themselves using nutrition/holistic treatments as well as other great resources.  I would like to share this opportunity to heal with every Crohn’s and Colitis patient worldwide!  Let’s make this blog a resource for Crohn’s and Colitis patients.  I want to empower patients with this information so we can all find healing holistically.  I wish I had known about this information YEARS ago instead of months ago.  There are many excellent blogs on the internet sharing the message of healing with whole foods.  I will post success stories on my blog so you can read/see/listen to the stories of others.  Many people do not know this information is out there because our doctors are trained to give out drugs.  Much of the training doctors receive is sponsored by grants from pharmaceutical companies and based on drug studies funded by the pharmaceutical companies.  Limited or no information is provided to doctors on the power of using food as medicine.  Pharmaceutical companies spend big money for studies on drugs but are not funding holistic treatments because there is no financial reward for pharmaceutical companies for these types of studies.  Please help me share these stories of healing from these challenging diseases!  DIET DOES MATTER!!!

Cheers to health and healing!!

Alisa 🙂

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a doctor or medical practitioner and I do not know your medical history, please do not start any new diets or stop any medications without speaking to a medical professional first.  I highly recommend working with functional doctors that are trained to use alternative healing methods including diet and lifestyle treatments.

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