Dr. Mark Hyman MD on Autoimmune Disease

Healthy Food Healthy YouDr. Mark Hyman, MD, is a 7 time New York Times Best Selling author and a pioneer in the world of Functional Medicine.  He has treated thousands of patients with autoimmune issues, cancer, cardiovascular issues and diabetes using the power of Functional Medicine.  In most cases, his patients are completely drug free and/or in remission using the principles outlined below.

We can HEAL from these diseases without medications and using functional medicine to treat the root causes and contributing factors.

Here are some of the contributing factors to autoimmune disease: 

  • Food Sensitivities (Gluten, Grains, Legumes, Dairy, Sugar, Processed Foods, GMO foods, Alcohol, Caffeine, Other possible allergens – Corn, Eggs, etc)
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity (Lead, Mercury) – Tuna/Swordfish biggest offenders
  • Stress
  • Parasites/Yeast/Microbes/Other infections in Colon
  • Other Toxins (Mold, Plastics, Pesticides, Chemicals, Allergens)
  • Genetics
  • Childhood (C-Section, Breast Fed?, Illnesses, Vaccinations)
  • Drugs/Medications (Antibiotics, Steroids, Antacids, NSAIDs, Anti-inflammatory, Pain Killers, etc)
  • Tick Borne Diseases/Viral Infections

Functional Medicine treats the “cause”.  Why do we have inflammation in our bodies?  We have inflammation in our bodies because of all of the contributing factors listed above.

How can we heal and repair our gut/body from all of these contributing factors/root causes? 

  • Remove all possible Trigger Foods/Elimination Diet (Remove Gluten, Grains, Dairy, Sugar, Processed foods, Other allergens)
  • Remove exposure to Toxins (Heavy Metals – Tuna/Swordfish, Pesticides, Chemicals, etc)
  • Treat parasites/yeast/ticks
  • Reduce/Limit medications (with doctor advice) – especially ALL over the counter medications.
  • Reduce Stress
  •  Add supplements/nutrients as required – Healthy organic meats/vegetables, Omega 3 fatty acids/Fish Oil, Zinc, B complex, Probiotics, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Curcumin/Tumeric, Quercetin, Glutamine, Vitamin A.
  • Exercise
  • Get plenty of sleep

Dr. Hyman believes the way Western Medicine treats autoimmune disease is criminal!

The cost to human life and suffering is enormous and there are better treatments than medications to treat these diseases.

He tells a story of a patient with Ulcerative Colitis who was on TNF blockers that cost $30,000 per year.  He helped her to change her diet and add nutrients and now she is completely off of all of her meds.

He has had multiple patients with Ulcerative Colitis who were told by their doctors that they needed to get their colons removed.   Using the power of functional medicine, his patients were able to gain weight, fix their gut and get their health and life back.  And the patients kept their colons!  😀

For more information, read Dr. Hyman’s Best Selling Book 10 Day Detox which is an excellent book for healing from any illness/disease (not just for blood sugar issues or weight loss).  Also, please visit Dr Hyman’s excellent website for more information on Functional Medicine and other testimonials.  http://drhyman.com/

Essentially all diseases (including autoimmune, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer) are caused by inflammation and have the same basic triggers and solutions for healing!

Choose Health!  Choose Healing!  We are EMPOWERED to HEAL!!  It’s YOUR choice!  Do you want to be healthy?  Do you really want IT!  Take action!  Looking forward to hearing about your success!  🙂 I’m not saying “It’s easy” but it sure isn’t easy being SICK either!  Cheers to GREAT health!

Join me on this path to health and vitality!  Can’t wait to see you on the healthy side!!!


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