What do I need to eliminate from my diet?

Choose HealthIf you are struggling with the disease and you are serious about healing, you need to eliminate the following:

ALL Grains!!  Including wheat, barley, millet, amaranth, rice, oats, quinoa, etc.  After fully healing your gut, you may be able to introduce properly prepared and soaked oats or rice.  Grains feed the “bad” bacteria in your gut.  We need to starve the bad bacteria and feed our gut with good bacteria from fermented foods (not powders).

ALL Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners (SCD allows honey and Body Ecology allows organic stevia but I gave up ALL sugars completely) – Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut, feeds cancer, etc.

ALL Vegetable Oils (including Canola, Soy, Safflower, Corn, etc)  These are all HIGHLY inflammatory and high in Omega 6.  Instead cook with coconut oil, grass fed ghee, grass fed butter or grass fed animal fats.

Alcohol, Soda, Coffee, Caffeine, etc.  These drinks are extremely irritating to our guts and will prevent us from healing.

Dairy (I only eat homemade fermented raw full fat goat dairy – kefir or yogurt, raw dairy and grass fed butter/ghee)  I removed dairy from my diet for a year initially.  Paleo does not allow dairy.  Some diets allow only fermented dairy.  You will need to customize for your food sensitivities.  Some people cannot and should not eat dairy.  Pasteurized dairy should never be allowed unless it’s fermented.  Pasteurized dairy lacks enzymes and nutrients and damages our digestive system feeds the bad bacteria.

ALL Processed foods especially anything with artificial flavors/colors, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soy, vegetable oils, etc

ALL Soy and Corn – Both are highly processed foods – especially in the US  – They are not easily digestible or nutritious for our gut and even organic product has been compromised in the food system.

ALL Legumes – Beans have anti-nutrients and galactins/lectins/phytates, etc. and are difficult for us to digest.  After fully healing your gut, you may be able to introduce properly prepared/soaked beans in moderation.

Limit fruit intake (I removed fruit completely for a few months in order to starve out the “bad” bacteria but I will likely add some low glycemic fruits back into my diet – Use your body as a guide)

For Autoimmune Disease (including Crohns and Colitis), the following should also be removed temporarily and added back in slowly and see if you have a reaction.

Nuts and Seeds – If you are going to eat nuts or seeds, you must first soak them to reduce the anti-nutrients.  I soak the nuts that I eat.  (Many people are allergic or have allergies – I gave up for a while but now I eat them moderately.  I don’t eat any nut butters or nut flours yet but some people do well on nut butters and nut flours)

Nightshade Vegetables (These vegetables are linked to inflammation – often an issue with arthritis patients but also can be linked to inflammation in general)  I don’t eat nightshades at this time but might add in later.  To be safe, you should remove while you are initially healing your gut.

Eggs – Many people have allergies to eggs – especially egg whites – If you eat them, you must buy pasture raised organic eggs – I buy the pasture raised organic eggs at Whole Foods.  The eggs are much healthier if the chickens are in the sunshine for most of the day.  I have also purchased at farmers market and Walmart.  You want to make sure the chickens are outdoors to maximize nutrients.  Cage free eggs can be from chickens in a warehouse that never see sunlight.  High omega 3 content in pasture raised organic eggs which means low inflammatory and more healing to our gut.

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