What if the diet doesn’t work for me? I’m not seeing results.

Healthy 3Unfortunately for severe cases, following the diet 95% is NOT an option.  You must follow the diet 100% in order to heal.  In addition, specific supplements are recommended.  See Chris Kresser’s blog for information on recommended supplements.

In addition to the damaged gut lining, you may also have parasites or other bacteria living in your gut.  Our damaged gut lining with compromised gut flora attracts parasites and other bacteria in our guts.  We are high risk!  This is very common for people living with digestive disorders.  If you do not see results after 2-3 months, I highly recommend seeking out a skilled practitioner (functional doctor) and getting comprehensive stool testing and other blood tests.  Ensure you are working with someone that is familiar with SCD/GAPS/Paleo/Weston A Price diets and functional/holistic medicine.  Standard western medicine doctors will not do the correct comprehensive testing and will not provide the appropriate diet and lifestyle changes so you can heal holistically.

In addition, you may have mercury toxicity.  Do you have amalgam fillings in your mouth?  This has also been linked to Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis and other diseases.  You may need to seek out advice from a functional doctor or holistic dentist.

Also, make sure you don’t have unresolved food sensitivities.  Eggs, Dairy, Nuts and Nightshades can cause allergic reactions for some people.  It’s best to remove all the possible offending foods and slowly add them back in after a few months.

Disclaimer:  Since I am not a doctor or medical practitioner and I do not know your medical history, please do not start any new diets or stop any medications without speaking to a medical professional first.

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