What if I have Crohns or UC but I just want to make small changes?

Healthy 3For Crohns and Colitis patients living a comfortable lifestyle on medication without serious side effects, making some small changes in your diet and lifestyle can help you long term.  Below are my recommendations.  For more severe cases of the disease, the following recommendations below are mandatory.

Diet Recommendations

  1. Eliminate (or reduce) gluten**
  2. Eliminate vegetable oils** (Cook with Coconut oil, Olive oil or Animal Fats – Grass fed ghee/butter)
  3. Eliminate (or reduce) processed foods
  4. Eliminate (or reduce) sugar
  5. Eliminate alcohol, soda, etc.
  6. Add whole food probiotics** (You can make all of these probiotics at home or buy most of them too.  There are many videos on youtube, instructions on many blogs as well as info in the GAPs and SCD books)
  • Raw Sauerkraut or Kimchi – I make my own at home now
  • Raw Kombucha – I will likely make at home in the very near future
  • Inner-Eco Coconut Kefir – 100 billion probiotics in each tablespoon
  • Milk Kefir – If you can tolerate dairy – most of the lactose has been removed in kefir – I make at home with raw goat milk
  • Homemade Yogurt – Start off slowly with yogurt – You may have “die off” – Approx 500 billion probiotics in each cup – I make at home with raw goat milk
  • Water Kefir – I make at home with coconut water alternating with sugar water – Most of the sugar is “eaten” by the grains used to make the kefir.
  • Kvass – You can purchase Kvass at your local health food store.  I make my own because I cannot consume stevia.  Very easy to make.  Beet Kvass is most popular but you can make many varieties.

** Most important in my opinion.  I’m open to other suggestions!

Lifestyle Recommendations

  1. Plenty of sleep – Minimum 7 hours – Preferably more – We need sleep to heal!
  2. Reduce stress as much as possible – Most disease occurs after very stressful periods (grief, move, divorce, job change, etc)
  3. Be Positive 🙂
  4. Moderate exercise.  In order to heal, we should not over stress our bodies with “too much” exercise.  Walking, light weights, yoga, hiking, swimming, biking, etc at a moderate pace will be more healing than intense exercise which can over stress your body.
  5. Practice daily relaxation techniques or meditation.

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