What if I have Food Sensitivities?

As we heal and seal the gut lining by removing all grains and sugars from our diet and eating nutritious bone broth, grass fed meats, fermented foods and organic vegetables, our bodies will be able to handle more foods that we weren’t able to tolerate before.

Beware of possible food allergies (that may disappear as your gut heals). Most diets recommend removing these items from the diet in the beginning stages.  Beginning stage could be one week to six months depending on the severity of your disease.

Eggs (Some people are only sensitive to egg whites and can tolerate yolks.  I eat yolks only at this time – in my broth daily)

Dairy (Some people cannot tolerate dairy at all.  I only eat homemade raw goat milk yogurt and homemade raw goat milk kefir for the probiotic benefits.  Goat milk is easier for most humans to digest that cow’s milk.  Raw milk is much more nutritious than pasteurized milk.  Raw milk still contains enzymes that help your body digest the milk.  Raw milk has been shown to heal numerous diseases including asthma.)   Some people remove dairy forever due to food sensitivities and allergies.

Other possible food sensitivities but less common – beef, chicken, coconut, onions, garlic – listen to your body.  During my healing process, I would eliminate a suspicious food for a week and then eat it again and see if it was a problem.  As our guts heal, we can tolerate more and more foods.  BUT we should never eat grains, sugars or processed foods again unless we want to risk being sick again.   We have the power to be healthy and enjoy life!!!  Let’s make it happen!!!

We will survive and THRIVE!!!!

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