True or False? Meat is unhealthy and causes cancer and heart disease!

In my quest for healing, I tried everything!  I ate vegan, vegetarian,  no red meat, juicing, fasting, and more.    I watched the movie Forks over Knives and read the China Study and thought meat caused cancer and heart disease.  Here is a critique of the movie showing the “holes” in the The China Study which theorized that meat and dairy are “unhealthy”.

After studying numerous diets and health experts regarding healing our gut, animal products are essential for nourishing our gut.  Many people report higher energy levels, less disease in their bodies (rashes, inflammation, depression, reduction in symptoms, etc) by adding red meat and bone broth to their diet.  Red meat is full of vitamins and minerals that our body needs to fight disease and inflammation.   Chris Kresser has a great article on the vitamins and nutrients in red meat.  Be sure to read Chris’s entire series on red meat.

The most healthy option is 100% grass fed meats, or organic meats (grain fed but without GMOs, antibiotics and hormones) or wild caught seafood/fish or organic poultry because they are the healthiest meats available and extremely nutritious and healing to us and our guts.  Grain fed meats have more Omega 6s which can be inflammatory to our gut.  If you must eat “conventional” meat due to availability/price, etc, be sure to eat the healthiest option possible (without GMOs, without antibiotics, locally sourced, local farm, etc)

Here is an excellent series on Chris Kresser’s blog!  The truth about red meat!


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