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Breaking the Vicious Cycle (Author Elaine Gottschall wrote the book after healing her daughter’s Ulcerative Colitis) – SCD Diet Book –

The Paleo Diet – The Original Human Diet (Author Robb Wolf has Ulcerative Colitis – healed through diet/lifestyle)

The Paleo Diet  Loren Cordain Ph.D

Against all Grain (Author Danielle Walker has Ulcerative Colitis – healed through diet)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Author Dr Natasha McBride used diet to heal her son’s autism and found that all disease begins in the gut – Heal the gut and Heal your life – Many people with autoimmune conditions have healed themselves with the principles in this book  – Based on SCD Diet)

The Paleo Approach – Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body (Author Sarah Ballantyne healed from several autoimmune diseases with diet)

Your Personal Paleo Code (Author Chris Kresser – How to customize Paleo Diet for YOU)

Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon) – Ancestral Cookbook – Discussed in many blogs

Wheat Belly  (Written by a cardiologist how wheat/grains cause heart disease, Diabetes Type 2 and other health problems)

Grain Brain  (Written by a neurologist about how grains cause alzheimers and other neurological diseases)

The Wahls Protocol – Written by Dr Terry Wahls after she healed from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (also autoimmune disease)

SOOOOO Many more excellent books are available on healing autoimmune and other diseases through diet – Many Many excellent books on Paleo diet.

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