Resources – Blogs/References – Lauren uses GAPs, Paleo (Autoimmune Protocol) , SCD to manage her Ulcerative Colitis – Danielle uses SCD/Paleo to manage her Ulcerative Colitis – SCD Website – Diet developed in the 1950s to improve intestinal health and heal Ulcerative Colitis and other diseases – Robb used the Paleo diet to cure/heal his Ulcerative Colitis – also an author of The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet – Jaime used SCD and Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to heal from Crohn’s disease – Jason and Jordan healed their digestive diseases with the SCD Diet. – Website for information on the GAPS diet ( – Excellent holistic health info.  Chris healed his own gut disorder with healthy living/lifestyle.   – Great website on Paleo and Autoimmune Disease and how to heal a leaky gut – Great resource for healthy eating and to disprove all the standard American diet myths like “whole grains are good, cholesterol is bad, butter is bad, saturated fat is bad, etc” – Eileen is using GAPs and Paleo to heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Other great websites (Paleo lifestyle) (Paleo lifestyle for a family) (Paleo info)

and soooooooo many more………

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