Diet DOES Matter!!

Healthy 7How can a doctor say that “Diet doesn’t matter”?  Why did I believe them?  The “standard” medical community tells us that the 3 -9 daily pills matter but the 3-5 POUNDS of food we eat everyday doesn’t matter??  I feel like such a fool!  Our food goes THROUGH our intestines EVERY day and that is where we have our disease.  OF COURSE, Food Matters!!!  Diet DOES Matter!!  That 3-5 pounds of food that we put in our bodies everyday SHOULD be our medicine.  Food is Medicine and we need to ensure that everything that goes into our mouth is nutrient rich and will HEAL us and not hurt us!  If we can HEAL our gut, we can HEAL or life!!!  As Dr Natasha McBride says, we need to Heal and Seal our Gut Lining!!  This is true for EVERYONE suffering from any chronic disease but especially important for those of us with Crohns and Colitis.  We CAN heal and seal our gut with FOOD.  We can use food as medicine!!  We can change our lives and get off of our medications!!  We have the power!!   We are empowered to change the course of our disease!!

Unfortunately, these diets are not a “quick fix” and for some people it may take a year to fully recover and slowly ease off of your medications (with the help of your doctor) but you WILL get better.  For some people, you may be healed in 6 months.   We are all unique and depending on the severity of the disease and your specific food sensitivities, your timeline will be different.   In addition, I highly recommend incorporating lifestyle changes including reducing stress, relaxation/meditation and plenty of sleep.

You must take these diet changes seriously!  You have to WANT to get well and follow these diets/protocols 100% in order to heal our sensitive gut lining.  While you are still inflamed, you cannot “cheat” or you will jeopardize your healing.  After you have fully healed your gut lining for 6+ months, you could “test” foods outside the diet for occasional treats but you will have to watch your reactions to these foods.  Since you will feel so GREAT after being on these diets, you won’t want to “cheat”.  You will be busy enjoying life and freedom and health!  You will feel empowered because you now have the tools to be healthy and stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest!!!!

Enjoy this journey to healing and health!!!!

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