But my Doctor said “There is no cure” “Diet doesn’t matter” “You will be on drugs for the rest of your life”

Healthy OptionsWe have been lied to by the “standard” medical community!  We can heal and seal our gut lining and we have the power to change our lives and get off our meds (or reduce meds significantly) by making dramatic changes to our diet!  HEAL YOUR GUT AND HEAL YOUR LIFE!!!  Join me on this journey of healing!  Diet DOES Matter!!!

When I was first diagnosed with UC, I spent hundreds of hours on the internet.  Unfortunately, in 2007, there were very few blogs about healing yourself from Crohns or UC with diet.  I did find a little information about the SCD diet but it looked so complicated.  At the time, I was not “sick enough” to want to make this type of dramatic diet change.  Fast forward to 2013/2014 and there are MANY blogs written by people that were diagnosed with Crohns and UC and have been able to heal themselves by making diet and lifestyle changes.  Most people are following a combination of SCD/GAPS/Paleo/Weston A Price Diets to heal from UC and Crohn’s.  I am following a variation (based on my personal food sensitivities) of these healthy ancestral type diets to heal my gut and stay healthy!  After 7 years of suffering from chronic diarrhea/UC, I used the principles in these diets to heal my gut lining and I no longer suffer from chronic diarrhea/UC.

Most doctors receive extremely limited training on nutrition.   I went to 5 Gastroenterologists and only ONE recommended a diet – the FODMAP diet.  Unfortunately, that diet didn’t work for me either and I haven’t read any success stories of prolonged remission/healing from the FODMAP diet.  I followed it exactly as written but it had no effect on me.  If you have had success, please let me know.  Doctors are trained to treat SYMPTOMS – NOT the cause.  In order to HEAL, we MUST treat the CAUSE!!!  The symptom is diarrhea, inflammation, bloody stool, pain, etc in our intestines.  But what is the cause?  The Western medical community does not know!   The cause is our damaged gut flora, inflammation in our gut, compromised immune system and our diet.  Our gut flora and immune system are damaged from antibiotics, toxins in our environment and food supply (pesticides, etc), mercury fillings, birth control pills, other medications, NSAIDs, food sensitivities to wheat/grains/dairy, etc and more. If we are very very young when we get these diseases (sometimes as young as 9 months), we unfortunately inherit the compromised immune system and damaged gut flora from our parents – especially our Mom at birth (Listen to Dr Natasha McBride speak about the GAPs diet).   Some doctors might recommend heavy doses of prescription probiotics or going gluten free but it’s not enough to heal our extremely damaged gut flora and gut lining.   We can’t just take one “magic pill or supplement”.  I tried that – with excessive probiotic powders, removing gluten, removing dairy, excessive fish oil, psyllium husk, etc.  Nothing worked.  I was doing it all wrong!!!  🙁  We have to take a multi-pronged approach and ensure that everything we put into our body will not irritate our gut lining and that means everything!  We can’t just remove one thing or add one food/supplement.  We have to look at everything we put into our body!

Read the rest of my blog to learn how to heal and seal your gut lining and live a vibrant healthy life!!!

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