I want every Crohn’s and Colitis patient to know that Diet DOES Matter!!!  I want every Crohn’s and Colitis patient to know that we can HEAL our gut lining and we don’t have to rely on drugs as our only solution for the rest of our lives!!  I want every patient to know about the SCD, GAPs, Paleo and Weston A Price Diets.  Contrary to popular western medicine beliefs, we CAN use food as medicine!!

Many people have healed themselves by changing their diet and they are now enjoying their lives without disease or drugs.  I have been off of ALL medications since January 2013.  Most people won’t create blogs and share their healing journey so the Crohn’s and Colitis community is not aware of the healing power of changing your diet and/or lifestyle.  If you know of anyone that has healed from Crohn’s or Colitis holistically, I would love to receive their testimonial for posting on my site.  I have included some success stories here.

If Crohn’s and Colitis patients choose to take drugs instead of changing their diet, that’s OK.  My best friend has made that decision BUT it should be OUR CHOICE!!!  When we are diagnosed, we are given the option of “Which drug do you want?”.  There is no education on these diets that CAN and WILL heal our guts and reduce the symptoms of our disease!

Please help me share the message so it’s a CHOICE!  We don’t HAVE to take drugs!  We CAN improve our quality of life with diet and lifestyle changes!!  We CAN heal from Crohn’s and Colitis!!  Join me on this journey towards health!!

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